Here’s what others are saying:

My husband and I brought our 13 year old son to Molly to seek treatment for a trauma he experienced which resulted in him having very graphic, frightening images of knives, him hurting himself with a knife, someone else hurting him in violent ways, having anxious feelings and thoughts, bad dreams, not being able to get to sleep at night and fear of the dark.  He felt very comfortable with Molly and accepted treatment well.  Molly was excellent at building a rapport with him.  After one session, of Rapid Trauma Resolution he no longer had the anxious thoughts and feelings, went to sleep easily and reported not having bad dreams anymore.  He no longer thought about someone or him hurting himself and had a marked improvement in his overall mood.  He was less moody and more relaxed in general.  He said what Molly did with him was so “easy” and was very relieved to be feeling better.  Molly checked up on him following treatment and the issues he had were resolved after only one treatment.  It was much less expensive than seeing a counselor for multiple visits and worked so well.  I would recommend it to anyone who has had a traumatic experience that is suffering and in emotional pain.  I wouldn’t hesitate to seek treatment again for anyone that I love who would benefit from this technique.”

– Anonymous Mom  

Meeting Molly has changed my life. For as long as I can remember, I struggled with thoughts of not being good enough and of not deserving love, due to events from my childhood.  After one session with Molly, I can honestly say my life changed.  I now look at my self and my life in a whole different way.  I am so proud and happy to say that I am living clear, and in the light. Words cannot say how grateful I am to Molly for being the impact that made this possible!”

– Lynn, Patient

spent years suffering from anxiety, depression, and thick barriers that kept people far away from the inner me.  There was mental illness in my family, so I was sure I was sick and did all I could to mask that.  I put on the cloak of the perfect wife and family, so no one would know the mess that was inside.  That worked…well…until it didn’t.  The depression became so debilitating that I could only marginally care for my children and would often be nearly catatonic.  I wanted my body to die to match the dead feeling inside.  I sought help through a psychologist using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  It worked somewhat and things improved, but there was still an underlying sadness that would not go away. There were lingering inner urges that were very angry and destructive. I was on the verge of destroying the year and a half of graduate work I was in the middle of, wrecking a relationship with a very loving man, and injuring my children through emotional withdrawal. I was desperate for help before all I had worked toward was gone.  A trusted colleague suggested I see Molly Sanford because of her gift of healing.  I arrived excited at the thought that maybe this time I could really get better.  Molly’s demeanor put me at ease right away. I realized from her asking me for components of the therapy that I wasn’t being TOLD how to get better, but was using my own inner voice to heal.  We worked on one incident from when I was 12 years old.  I was molested by an adult man who was very close to me.  I was stuck with the emotional pain, shame, and mistrust of an injured adolescent for 29 years…most of my life.  When that session ended, I was numb.  It was like I cleaned out a cluttered garage and had all this open space I didn’t know what to do with.  Molly commented “Look at yourself in the mirror.  Your face even looks different.”  Gone was the defensiveness and hardness present for so long.  The furrows were gone.  They were replaced by smooth skin and a warm smile.  I cannot fully express how I changed that day except I was able to finish school, married that loving man, and have a better relationship with my children and friends than ever before.  My inner world is different, too.  I love who I am.  I am genuinely confident versus over compensating.  I am no longer afraid others will tell me they love me then hurt or abandon me.  I feel like a grown-up and whole for the first time in my life.  It’s like getting a second chance to be happy.”

– Theresa, Patient