Facilitating your child’s natural ability to heal


Hypnosis is part of a process that will allow your child to access and use their innate ability to learn through imagination and play.  That everyday play is similar to what occurs in hypnosis in regards to play being focused attention turned inwards.  Children regularly enter trance states when they are playing, as a parent, I am sure you have noticed when a child is so involved in their imaginary world that they do not even hear you when you call them to dinner.  That trance and self hypnosis is part of the everyday life for children and it is something that they do, not something that is done to them.  The process is felt more vividly when the child is actively using their imagination and so they are in charge of their experience.   We will use their active imagination as a resource to promote behavioral changes and healing.
Children are curious to use their imagination to learn, practice skills, and coupe with their feelings. They have a drive to discover and explore. My role is to use therapeutic techniques to encourage children’s’ own innate ability for imagination and fantasy toward healing.
Through therapeutical techniques, Teens can learn valuable skills that will empower them for life.  By learning guided imagery, mindfulness, self-hypnosis, and coping skills techniques they learn to listen to their own bodies, thoughts and develop problem solving skills in all situations.